Having a place where the car can be parked securely is a great advantage. What is important is that your own parking lot should have enough protection to fully secure the vehicle. The aim of the garage is not only to provide a shelter and make sure that the vehicle is not exposed to any weather conditions. Such building also protects it from thieves and other unwanted guests. It can be beneficial to use a secured door, for example an automated one or with an electric opener.

Our company provides the best solutions when it comes to entrances. We offer a wide range of automatic garage doors as well as electric openers – thanks to them, every customer will be able to unlock the entrance without getting out of the car. Our crew will help with choosing the right option for every client. We can pick something from already existing options or prepare a custom project suited for specific needs of a given building.

PRIME sectional doors
Imagine a new-generation garage door.
A door which is not a conversion of solutions to date, but a creative effect of a quest for the balance of state-of-the-art technology, quality, safety and design.
This is what the PRIME door is.
Garage doors prime | LEWANDOWSKI
UniTherm sectional doors
The UniTherm door meets the stringent standards in terms of resistance to wind and water penetration, as well as that of air permeability.
These parameters have an impact on prolonging the life of the door, and helping to keep it visually appealing for many years.
UniTherm sectional door | LEWANDOWSKI
UniPro sectional doors
Sectional doors UniPro is the most comfortable and convenient solution for your garage.
This is a warm door designed for heated garages.
UniPro sectional doors | LEWANDOWSKI
Renovation solutions
Our renovation solutions let you install sectional garage doors in the garage opening regardless of the building conditions, even if the building has no lintel or side clearance.
Enhance the functionality and the look of your garage with our renovation solutions.
The UniPro RenoSystem is response to the needs of buildings intended for renovation.
Renovation solutions | LEWANDOWSKI
Roller doors
All roller doors feature a drive unit in standard. The door shutter rolls up on a shaft hidden in a case.
This allows to save space under ceiling.
Roller doors | LEWANDOWSKI
Double-leaf doors
Modern approach to traditional solutions.
Side-hinged doors are the most cost-effective solution for your garage.
Low price and reliable operation are guaranteed due to the simple and proven design solutions.
Double-leaf doors | LEWANDOWSKI
Up and over doors
Up-and-over doors is the most popular solution on the market.
It features a simple structure and proven design to ensure door reliable operation.
Up and over doors | LEWANDOWSKI